iOS 5 Bluetooth Surprise

I have an iPhone 3GS. I have had it for two years and have upgraded to the newer iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system) versions along the way. I love my iPhone. Among other things, I love that I can hook it up to my car (Toyota Prius) via Bluetooth and use my car speakers as my “headset”. I can listen to my playlists, Pandora, iHeartRadio, basically anything with audio.

Here’s is what my radio looked like when hooked up to my iPhone…

Yep limited controls… play and pause. One thing that bugged me is that I couldn’t navigate my playlists with without holding my iPhone… I don’t do that for two reasons… one distracted driving and because it’s now illegal in Oregon “hand hold” phones while driving.

I updated my iPhone to iOS 5 and when I got into my car I had a really nice surprise… I was surprised more because I thought Toyota had limited the controls like they do on the Navigation system… sorry… I digress that’s another venting session for another day… To my surprise, it was iOS which was limiting the functionality!

YEP… now it looks like it does when I have a CD in… It lists the track information AND I can control skipping from my steering wheel! I can even use the RPT (repeat) or RAND (random) features. YIPPPPEEEEE!!! The little things that make me smile… 😀

Where you surprised by any iOS 5 features?