Downside to Sunshine

Don’t faint… three posts in two days… I’m not going for a record here, but I guess the sunshine is helping… sort of. 😉

There is a downside to me enjoying the sunshine. Whenever I am in the sun, this happens…

YEP… gross, right?!? You should see my neck! MAN IT ITCHES SOOOOO MUCH!

In addition to burning if I’m in the sun, I get a nasty ITCHY rash. You guessed it… I have sun allergy. It’s a Catch-22, right? I get depressed when the sun isn’t out, but if I’m out in the sun, I have a reaction. UGH!

I was sitting under an umbrella chair at The Offspring’s softball game yesterday. I had a long sleeve T-Shirt on… good thing… or my arm would be itching, too!

I don’t care… I’ll take the SUN over rain … just need to keep from getting a rash. Any suggestions?

Emily, do you have photosensitivity. Do you get a rash? What do you do?

The rest of you, what happens to you in the sun? How do you keep from itching?