Remodel, Part 26: Phase 3 New Hardwood Stairs and Loft

WOW. It’s been over a year since I last wrote about our remodel. We’ve continued, but at a much slower pace. The next step was to have the carpet and hand rail ripped out and new hardwood stairs put in and two new custom handrail. We also continued with the new color and trip in our former loft area. “The Loft” used to be our “office” space… not anymore.

The beginning process was the PURGE… I’m a “collector” not a hoarder… but sometimes I am so embarrassed by my own insanity. I only got a few pictures during the purge phase

YES those are 3.5” floppies! ☹ I haven’t used a floppy disk in I don’t know how long… this is only one bin full… there was more than one. (oh, I’m so blushing right now!)

Then there were the magazines (this is a 60 gallon roll cart!)

If you recall at the end of Phase 2 in January 2011 (Remodel, Part 25: New Office), this is what the entry way looked like.

This is a crappy picture, but this is the loft before they started…

First step… removing carpet and putting in new skirting (wood on side of stairs)…

Then time to start putting in new hardwood floor…

Come back tomorrow for more. 😉