Is a Change Coming?

Ominous title, eh?

Yesterday morning, I was lying in bed after enjoying my extra hour of sleep – YEAH “fall back”… boooo no more sunlight going to-from work (wait who am I kidding, most of the fall/winter we don’t have sun so what does it matter? Strange, it does matter that I know there is sun behind all that grey and clouds… driving to-from work in the dark sucks! But that’s what I get for living north of the 45° parallel!

Wow… I seriously took a wrong turn in that opening paragraph! Please forgive my A.D.D! Now, let’s get back on task…

Yesterday morning I was lying in bed, after enjoying my extra hour of sleep, I was looking at email on my iPad and then when I closed it I saw an icon in one of my “Cooking” folder that I didn’t recognize.

OK, that may sound strange, I mean it is MY iPad… shouldn’t I recognize the app icons? So I opened the folder and took a closer look…

Still can’t read it? Let me zoom in for you…

I didn’t realize that Pioneer Woman app icon had been updated. I felt really silly! Since I really hadn’t looked at the app for quite a while and nothing really pressing to do, so I clicked on it. (clicked… sounds kind of funny given there is no “click” with an iPad – oh… I digressed AGAIN! Sorry!)

Anyway, I had not used her app in quite a while because the last time (months ago) I used it I was disappointed. Keep in mind that the app is an “unofficial” PW app. I got the app when it was first introduced. It was written by, I believe, a 15-year-old. It was “OK”, but I had too many issues with it.

I haven’t taken a good look around the app yet, but I will and I think this time I will write a review on it. That’s not what this post is about so I don’t want to get diverted (again). 😉

When I opened the app, her blog posts were displayed. I had seen almost all the ones first displayed (which was a nice surprise for me).

It used to be that I felt that “my life wasn’t complete unless I had read Pioneer Woman’s blog posts”. Actually, hers as well as my other favorites. Life has just been insane for oh soooo very long that I just haven’t been myself for quite some time. (I’m sure you’ve noticed.)

What I did find as I was flicking through her posts was that I really miss taking the time our of my day to read hers and my other favorite blogs. It was my “me time”. Had I actually been doing that I wouldn’t have missed her post entitled, “Silver Dollar Pumpkin Pancakes”.

There is a restaurant near us that serves my favorite pancakes – sweet potato pancakes. Pumpkin is my second favorite. Finding a good sweet potato or pumpkin pancake recipe is something I have been in search of for YEARS.

I talked with Hubby and instead of breakfast we decided to have breakfast for dinner. I made PW’s Silver Dollar Pumpkin Pancakes for dinner last night. It took FOREVER. Her recipe reads “10 minutes” cooking time… nope… it took me nearly 2 hours to make all of them!!! Silver Dollar ones take FOREVER because there are so many! I had 10 CUPS of batter to cook! UGH! 🙁

Mine looked awful. Thin and flat. I felt I had failed until Hubby said they were good and that he’d like them again. 🙂

OK, so they may not look like the nice beautiful stack Pioneer Woman had, but they DID taste good. Although not “pumpkiny”. I expected more flavor. Maybe I should have put in more pumpkin pie spice than she called for in the printed recipe. Her blog post says to “sprinkle some in”. I don’t know… maybe it’s just me.

Also, I was disappointed because for years I have struggled with flat non-fluffy pancakes. Hubby suggested I “Google it” and I planned on doing just that. But since I was done washing dishes and still had several more pancakes to make, I grabbed my Joy of Cooking cookbook and looked up pancakes and on page 643 found my problem:

”There are three equally important things to control in producing pancakes and waffles: the consistency of your batter, the surface of your griddle, and the evenness of its heat. Mix the liquid ingredients quickly into the dry ingredients. -> Don’t overbeat. Give just enough quick strokes with a whisk to barley moisten the dry ingredients. -> Ignore lumps. Superior results are gained with most pancake batters if they are mixed and -> rested, covered and refrigerated, for 3 to 6 hours or longer before cooking. The resting period does not apply to recipes that include separately beaten egg whites or to yeast-raised griddle cakes that have the word ‘raised’ in the name.”1

It goes on to explain testing and batter thickness. (Note: the arrows “->” were shown as arrows and are noted as “Pointers to success”.)

Well… after YEARS UPON YEARS of doing it WRONG I have now learned… don’t overbeat OR work batter until there are no lumps!!! I always thought that the lumps would make it so you would be biting into dry ingredients. So, I will let you know how it goes next time!

So what does all this have to do this post’s title “Is a change coming”?

If you haven’t noticed, I have been trying really hard to post regular posts. After several months of not posting (or reading others’ blogs) I am striving to be better. I have posted many more posts in the last month than I had in the previous four months,

So the “change” is that I have had several posts in my head and partially started for some time. I am bound and determined to get them posted. I still have to complete the posts about our trip to Seattle – from September!

As for reading my favorite blogs… I need to accept the fact that I am “behind” and start fresh. Then work my way backward as I can. I have so many months to get caught up on reading and getting them all done is likely not going to happen anytime soon. I will also do my best at writing comments. I do know we all love comments. Some blogs are really hard for me to comment on using my iPad or iPhone which is what I have with me during my lunch break. Sorry!

So, here is to “new beginnings” and “change”… Cheers!

Are you ready to continue on this journey with me?
1Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Becker, Joy of Cooking (New York, NY: Scribner, 2006) p. 643.