Friday Cocktail – The Whipped White Russian


I’m a fan of the White Russian cocktail. It has three ingredients, four if you count the ice, and is quite easy to make. I call mine a “Whipped” White Russian for two reasons. My new choice of cream and vodka.

Cast of characters: Kahlúa (coffee liqueur), Cream, Vodka, glass with 3 ice cubes. As you can see, I used heavy whipping cream instead of regular cream. It’s all I had and I’m glad I did. 😉 Also, instead of regular vodka, I used Pinnacle Whipped Vodka. I keep mine in the freezer to keep it good and cold. I highly recommend this vodka for this drink!

I was nervous about the heavy whipping cream, but it was quite worth it!

You’ll notice the frost on the side of the bottle; that’s what happens when you take it out of freezer.

Pour 2 oz (~60 ml) of Kahlúa over the ice.

Add 4 oz (~120 ml) of vodka.

Then top with 2-4 oz (~60-120 ml) cream. In this case, I added 2 oz (~60 ml) cream. You may notice the cream freezing a bit.

Stir and enjoy…

Have you ever had a White Russian? If not, try and come back and tell me what you think.