Mama’s Potato Soup with Roasted Garlic Redux

The weather here in Portland has been down right COLD. Today’s high was a whopping 31 degrees (-1 C). Our normal average for this time of year is 47 (8 C).

Anyway, I decided on such a cold day I wanted homemade soup. I didn’t want to make chicken noodle… partly because I don’t have any chicken in the house. So I decided I wanted to share with you Mama’s potato soup.

As I started to make it something told me to double check to is if I’ve already shared it with you…

YEP… in January last year, on a cold and wet day, I posted Mama’s Potato Soup with Roasted Garlic. Why is it I only make it on cold days?!?

Today, I made it slightly different than last year. I added double the butter (two sticks)!! Mama and Pioneer Woman would be proud. 😉 It was quite yummy. Like Pioneer Woman always says… everything tastes better with butter. 😉

I also used heavy cream (like Mama uses, last year I didn’t have it and used half-and-half).

Have you tried Mama’s soup? If not, I highly recommend it!!