My First Ever iPhone App

OK, I’m a geek… If you recall from my Teach Myself Bucket List post (yeah it was A LONG time ago), I listed

  7) Learn to write/create an iPhone app

Well, I am starting to learn how to do it today (finally – better late than never)! I’m taking an online course and then once I get the hang of it, I will use the book I bought “way back when”. Like I said, better late than never!

It’s nothing fancy, but whenever a programmer first learns a new language or is being taught a new language we almost always use “Hello, World” as our first interface.

I can’t believe how giddy I got when the simulator ran successfully! I even took a screenshot and messaged The Offspring and my friends Nicole, TC and Dude. LOL!

My little app is by NO MEANS marketable, but I’m thrilled!

Do you ever get so excited you couldn’t wait to share your news?