The Best Guacamole Recipe I’ve Ever Had

Just in time for Super Bowl, I have a treat for you… the BEST guacamole recipe I’ve ever had! But before I get to it, I need to give you a little backstory…

I have a confession. Please don’t hate me, historically I can’t stand avocados which means that I can’t stand guacamole. See… don’t hate me!! Avocados are slimy and the texture makes me think I’m eating butter straight. 🙁

Well, The Offspring mentioned that the sister of one of her closest friends makes the best guacamole. She even said, “Mom, you have to try it.”

So, I wrote Elena and asked her if I could get her recipe. She said, “Why of course!” Elena then asked me how many people I wanted to make it for. WAIT! I have to think about how many people I want to feed???? I wasn’t ready for that question. I asked her how many she normally makes it for and she said her family of 5. I said that was perfect.

She gave me the recipe and almost all of it had “to taste” next to the ingredients. This was scary because I had to “taste” it… UGH! (remember, I don’t like avocados.)

So, I made it and tasted it and it was the BEST guacamole I’d ever had!!!! I was flabbergasted. Needless-to-say, The Offspring completely enjoyed saying, “I told you so, Mom!” 😉

So, now I had a problem… I had to duplicated this awesomeness… I remembered how it all looked as I was sprinkling and tossing in, but it never occurred to me to write things down. The story of my culinary adventures.

When it came down to duplicating my first success I poured the spices into my hand first so I could make sure it matched what I did before. Then I measured them so I could share with you.

Cast of Characters: Avocados, Onion, Roma Tomatoes, Lime, Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Chili Powder con Limon*** (Chile Powder with Lime), La Costeña Chile en Vinagre*** (pickled jalapeños and carrots) , Cilantro (optional)

***The two ingredients bolded are CRITICAL, yes all the other ingredients are important… like the avocados, but the Chili Powder con Limon and La Costeña Chile en Vinagre are the KEY ingredients, including the La Costeña Chile en Vinagre JUICE.

I buy the Chili Powder with Lime in bulk at WinCo (it’s labeled Chili with Lime). There are different sizes of the La Costena picked jalapeños. Get the small can, they’re already sliced. There are some cans with them sliced. If you’re making a super large batch and get the larger cans you may have to slice up the jalapeños before dicing them.

Since I’d never cut an avocado, I hit the internet and found a video on YouTube. It is pretty easy. 😀

Make sure you have a SHARP knife and are holding the avocado with something thick so you don’t cut your hand while handling the avocado.

Start at the at the top of the avocado and slice down one side and continue cutting as you rotate the avocado.

When you’re done with the slicing, take the avocado with two hands and rotate in opposite directions…

Voila! Now we need to get that pit (seed) out of there…

Holding half of the avocado cupped in your hand, take your sharp knife and smack the pit and the knife will actually go in quite easily…

Now, rotate the knife 45 degrees…

…and lift the pit out…

… using the protected hand, remote the pit… BE CAREFUL!!!!

Now that wasn’t so difficult, right? 😀

Taking a large spoon and start at one edge and slip the spoon between peal and the fruit…

Put avocado half in a large bowl and do the other half…

One down… four more to go…

I used a potato masher and gently mash…

Mash as smoothly as you want – chunky or smooth. I made ours chunkier, but still smooth…

Dice the two Roma tomatoes and chop the onion…

…and cilantro if you want cilantro… Start with a little bit and add more to taste. Good news for those who don’t like cilantro, it’s not a “KEY” ingredient… 😉

Next, you want to open the can of La Costeña. Be careful when you’re opening the can, there is a lot of juice – do NOT toss the juice, you need it.

Carefully remove the pickled jalapeños and carrots…

…dice the jalapeños and carrots…

Add the tomatoes, onions, pickled jalapeños and carrots to the mashed avocados

Gently mix everything – you don’t want to bruise the avocados or tomatoes…

Now, roll your lime on the counter to get more of the juice ready… you really want a juicy lime… then juice the lime into your mixture.

…add a pinch of salt

…Add 1 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder…

…Add 1 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder…

Now for key ingredient number two… The chili powder with lime…

Add 2 1/2 teaspoons of chili powder with lime…

Add 4 teaspoons of the pickled jalapeños and carrots juice… Taste it and add more if needed. Add more chili powder with lime and or juice if you want it.

If you want cilantro, now it’s time to add it… I separated ours as hubby likes it… I don’t. I will admit that just a little bit didn’t actually taste too bad. This is why I recommend starting with just a little bit at first.

It’s quite yummy… I hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know how you like it, OK?

To get a printer friendly copy of the recipe, go here. (If link doesn’t work it is because the recipe is still under review.)

Serving Size: 5

2 key ingredients!!! It will not taste the same with out them
A note about the ingredients (it will not taste the same without these key ingredients):
* Chili powder with lime (in the Mexican food aisle of your store or in bulk section, also called chile powder con limon);
* La Costena Chile en Vinagre is found in the Mexican food aisle in cans. You also need the juice. Recipe is written for 5 so the 7 oz can is for 5. ***Adjust can size if you’re scaling recipe***

5 whole Avocados, Mashed
2 whole Medium Roma Tomatoes, Diced
1/2 Medium Onion, Diced
1 bunch Cilantro, Chopped (optional To Taste, you only need a little bit)
1 whole Lime, Juiced
1 can La Costena Chile En Vinagre (7 Oz Can), save juice, slice and dice Carrots and Jalapeños; Key Ingredient
4 teaspoons La Costena Chile En Vinagre Juice, To Taste; Key Ingredient
1 pinch Salt
1 1/2 teaspoons Garlic Powder
1 1/2 teaspoons Onion Powder
2 1/4 teaspoons Chili Powder With Lime, To Taste; Key Ingredient

1. In a large bowl. first mash up the avocados, mash to you preference whether you want chunky or smooth.

2. Add the onion, tomato, diced carrots, diced jalepeno (chiles en vinagre) and cilantro and gently mix together.

3. Add lime juice to the mixture, not to much but enough to give you the zesty flavor.

4. Add the spices, adjusting according to taste.

5. Mix gently, try not to bruise the tomatoes.