Bucket List Update: Create iPhone App

Remember a few weeks ago I gave you an updated on my Teach Myself Bucket List? I told you I’d created My First Ever iPhone App.

7)        Lean to write/create an iPhone app

I’ve been reading and doing an online class; taking lots of notes. Because of my extensive notes, it’s taking me a lot longer than it really should, but I want to be sure I have it all down. I am about 33% through with the course. As part of the course, I’ve created some not-so-elaborate apps.

In addition to the “Hello World” app you saw a few weeks ago, here are some really simple examples of my progress.

The next app started is a calculator app. We’re far from being done, but here’s the progress so far

Next, we used the Segmented Control to change the color of the background

Then when you click on the “Make Segmented Control” button it programmatically creates a new segmented control with numbers this time

Now, I have to admit, I’ve cheated on this next one. I skipped ahead several sessions because there is a very specific interface I need for one of the apps I plan on developing… it uses the PickerView control (also known as a “spinner” to some)…

This particular app changes the colors of the background as you spin each dial.

They may really simple apps, but it’s really exciting to me to seeing it all come together. I’ve said it before I’m a geek!

I have two or three apps in mind to develop, but I’m open to suggestions for any app ideas you might have. Any suggestions?