Thought of the Day…Angels deliver Fate to our doorstep – and anywhere else it is needed. ~Jessi Lane Adams

Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art. ~Frederic Chopin

28 years ago this evening was the start of a new chapter in my life… something I didn’t realize way back when… As I discussed in my How my life changed forever post, the fall of 1982 was one of new beginnings. What I didn’t share in my earlier post is that pre-Hubby was shy and intriguing.

One day in early September 1982 I was listening to music playing on my stereo. As fate would have it (or it could have been Roberta the ghost), I happened to leave my dorm room door open when I went down the hall.

Pre-Hubby was on our floor and asked, “Who’s playing the piano music?”
I replied, “Oh, that’d be me.”
He replied, “What is it?”
I said, “Chopin.”
He said, “I like it.”

A week or so later I noticed there was an upcoming Chopin concert. I wanted to go and waited to see if he’d ask me…

NOPE… he didn’t… 🙁

…I was tired of waiting and talked with my RA Trudy and asked if she thought he’d be interested in going. Since she knew pre-Hubby pretty well, she said that he’d be interested and that he was afraid to ask me out because I might say “No”. Hmmmmmm…. what to do….

You guessed it… I asked him out (I was SOOOOO nervous) and … you’re right again, he said, “Yes.” 😀

28 years ago this evening (actually to the minute) Hubby and I were on our first date… Wanna know another bit of trivia?

Before the concert started… I asked him if he was free on Friday night and would he like to go to a movie. He smiled and said, “Yes.” 😉

You guessed it… I asked him out for our first two dates. We’ve been together ever since… it’s not been perfect, what relationship is? But we’ve by each other’s side through most of our adult life… all our trials and tribulations… all our joys and sorrows…

What’s the key to our 28-year success? We talk… we laugh… we’re there for the other one when needed…

To join in our celebration, enjoy the following video clip. The pianist playing one of my most favorite Chopin pieces. Sit back and enjoy Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-Flat Major

Don’t you just love Chopin?
P.S. Roberta, if it was you who left my door open… THANK YOU! 😀